Education, education, education.

It is our privilege to share our knowledge about the industry we love. As printing needs change, our clients count on us to explain their options and find solutions for their changing print requirements. This site is one of the ways that we show how much we care for your company. Enjoy.


What We Do

At Watermark Graphics, we take care of your printing needs. We are constantly striving to make your print buying experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Some of our services are:
  • Layout, Design, & Typesetting
  • High Quality Digital Printing
  • Spot Colour Offset Printing
  • Large Format Inkjet Posters
  • Specialty Finishing
  • Client File Management
  • Print Consulting & Project Management

Print Knowledge

  • NEW OFFERING - High Speed B&W Printing
    NEW OFFERING – High Speed B&W Printing
    Watermark has some exciting news!  We have installed some new state of the art equipment which now allows us to offer high speed black and white printing at very competitive costs.   Our equipment is very efficient and has a variety...


  • Die Cutting
    Die Cutting
    Die cutting can be a very useful tool to set your print job apart from the crowd….. Die cutting is a process where printed sheets are sandwiched between a flat sheet of steel called a hard tympan (soft tympans are...


  • PMS 286C or 286U?
    PMS 286C or 286U?
    Well, that used to be an easy question….. In the recent past, before the quality and affordability of digital printing became what it has, the answer to the question “do I use a PMS colour from the coated or uncoated...


  • Variable Data
    Variable Data
    Variable data printing and more specifically direct mailing can be a very effective way to market to your clients.  People are much more likely to spend the time looking over your marketing piece if it’s addressed to that person.  We’ve...
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