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Send Files

How to Send Files

There are multiple ways you can transfer your graphic files to us for printing. The easiest way for you depends on the size.  If you would like further explanation on the information on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to help!



General Information

It’s always best to compress your files before transferring them.  This will reduce the size – which takes up less time for transfer and also helps maintain the integrity of the file so we produce what you want, not what the Internet messes up. There are a variety of programs available to the user, and most computers come with one pre-installed.  WinZip on a PC and Stuffit on a Mac are most common, but as long as the program you use gives the files an extension like “.zip”, “.sit”, “.stix” or “.rar”, you’ve compressed the file and are ready to send it.

Option #1 – Email

If your files are under 8mb in size, the easiest way to get them to us is by email.  You can send them directly to  If they’re more than 8mb, please use one of the methods listed below.

Option #2 – FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

You can transfer large files (up to 200mb) directly to us using our FTP site.  This FTP service is web based (no special software required but preferable) and is very easy to use.  Just click on the link and follow the instructions.  Once you’ve uploaded your files, please send us an email so we know to look for and download it.

Host Name:

Username or LoginID: ftp1_watermarkgraphi

Password: watermarkftp

 Option #3 – Third Party Transfers

You can also use third party transfer applications to send us your files. There are many on the Internet.  Dropbox and Hightail are popular and are free to use once you sign up for a basic account. Usually there is a limit  of 50 megs per file and you have to zip them as well. Third party transfers and cloud computing and storage are becoming more commonplace. It’s secure and easy! so give it a try!

Option #4 – The Personal Touch

Sometimes we feel like we work in a vacuum. So visit us! Bring your CD, DVD or USB memory stick that contain your files and we can copy them to our servers.  We can even give you a short tour around the shop!


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