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Die Cutting

Die cutting can be a very useful tool to set your print job apart from the crowd…..

Die cutting is a process where printed sheets are sandwiched between a flat sheet of steel called a hard tympan (soft tympans are also used but for different processes like consecutive numbering) and a steel cutting blade in the shape of the intended finished product.  Our in house “windmill” style letterpress takes the printed sheets one at a time, strikes them between the tympan and cutting blades, then delivers both the off-cut and die cut piece in the other end of the machine.  The setup and process are very manual leaving quite a bit of room for error if the operator isn’t skilled….. luckily, we’re die cutting experts!  We can use this process to cut your job into pretty much any shape you want, from a car shaped mailer card for an auto-body garage to a simple round cornered business card to a palm tree for a travel agent and everything in between.  This process can be a little costly as a die specific to your job has to be produced before we can die cut the printed piece, this cost can vary considerably depending on how complicated the image that needs to be cut out is but….. it’s typically only a one time charge as most of these dies can be used repeatedly for literally millions of “cuts” so once you’ve absorbed the die cost, future or longer runs can have that “flare” added, relatively inexpensively.

Die cutting can also be used as a practical tool and not just a creative one.  Die cutting is the method that is used to do things like add business card slits into kit folders so you can insert your card into the pocket of it before giving a presentation to a client.  It’s also used to made the slits required to hold gift cards into folding gift card holders.  We’ve done some very complicated but practical die cuts in the past as well, things like punching the holes in phone plates that are to go onto phones in large corporations listing the common extension numbers in the building.

So if you think your marketing or stationary is getting a little bland…. feel free to ask us for some suggestions.  From die cutting to the use of metallic inks and a huge variety of processes in between, I’m sure we can help you get the printed products you’re hoping to see.

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